Why Cambridge?

This extremely popular British curriculum is of the highest standard and allows learners to secure admission at universities across the globe, including South Africa. Local universities set a second language requirement, which is also obtainable through the Cambridge system.

Our Academy offers all three high school levels: the IGCSE, AS and A levels. The IGCSE (International Graduate Certificate of Secondary Education) can be commenced when learners are between the ages 13-16, whereas the AS and A level is typically started between ages 16-19. 


We also offer the  Lower Secondary Key Stage 2, referred to as the pre-IGCSE phase, for ages 11-13.

We believe the true value of the Cambridge curriculum lies in its emphasis on the reasoned and analytical use of information, its international range of case studies and subject matter, and the depth of each subject.


You can learn more about the Cambridge International Education system by visiting www.cambridgeinternational.org