What We Teach

Our Academy offers a wide range of subjects for ages 11-19 from the Cambridge curriculum, and our learners cover each syllabus in depth. The high frequency of distinctions achieved by our learners testifies to the effectiveness of our method. (Download either our Pre-IGCSE Subject Selection or our IGCSE/AS/A Level Subject Selection.)

What and how we teach at The Chapel Lane Academy, however, is about more than just the subject matter. There are further careful considerations that work to your child’s advantage:

The Dots

We graduate each of our learners with well-informed opinions and a deep understanding about the world, beyond subject know-how. To this end, our learners receive frequent news articles and links to research dealing with subject matter. Our tutors work closely together to understand what is taught in each other’s classes to coordinate and integrate learning.


If your child has an opinion on everything, our approach will suit them. We encourage open discussion in each class, create a respectful space for all ideas, and teach the structure of a good argument. Furthermore, the Cambridge curriculum itself is based on analytical thinking and its articulation rather than sheer memorisation, so these skills are essential.

Learning How
To Learn

Few schools teach learners study skills. Our methodology is carefully crafted to guide our learners towards healthy study habits that will help them through school and university. We introduce new topics in class, with examples. We then guide them with useful self-study habits. Feedback on assessments teaches them self-correcting methods and fills in gaps.


Due to its global scale and high standards, Cambridge grades all exams against a strict Mark Scheme. We help our learners “de-code” these Mark Schemes in each subject during our extensive exam practice and preparation phase. Students learn exactly how to approach every style of question that might be presented in different subject exams.