What Learners Value

The freedom to explore new knowledge and to shape each day in a meaningful manner… The pride in striving for excellence alongside learners in many other countries across the globe… Our students tell us that there are several aspects they truly value and find a welcome change from their prior schooling experience. 


The most frequent critique of the online education industry is the large number of learners sharing platforms. We run our Zoom classes with only two to eight learners so that we can address every question and tend to everyone’s learning needs. For home-schoolers, it also creates some social cohesion.


Your child’s personal journey starts with our discussing career interests and an aligned curriculum. We know every learner and their family by name, and you have direct access to every tutor. Assessments receive personal comment, and private sessions are scheduled where needed.


It takes discipline for teenagers to finally turn to their books. The last thing they need is to get stuck on a problem and have to wait for guidance. Therefore, our learners Whatsapp us personally with their questions at any hour for immediate response. That is when true learning happens – the “aha” moments.


As our learners learn how to learn, they are able to accelerate through some courses quicker than the norm. This allows your child to expand their learning beyond a core curriculum and take on a variety of interesting credits from the wide set of choices available through the Cambridge system.