Our Academy offers a small number of exceptional pre-IGCSE learners, aged 11 and upwards, the opportunity to join either our Upper Primary (11-13 years old) or our Lower Secondary (13-14 years old) groups. These programs prepare them for successful future IGCSE studies when of the right age. We refer to these groups as our “Dream Teams” as we have the opportunity to explore a wide range of fascinating topics with exceptionally curious learners during this phase.


Core subjects include: Mathematics, English, Natural Science and Social Science. Further optional electives are: French for Beginners, Introduction to Afrikaans, and Computing for Beginners.


Admission to these groups is based on careful selection, where we consider prior academic achievement, the family’s support and attitude towards education, and the interests and curiosity of the learners.


All groups meet daily via Zoom, where new topics are explored and guided independent research, self-study and assignments for the next week are introduced. When learners find a topic of particular interest, we source and develop additional materials and allocate extra time to the topic. We encourage and assist our Dream Teams to form virtual homework groups among themselves as a way to encourage socialisation and to nurture their ability to function in teams.


Download our Pre-IGCSE Subject Selection here.