People Say

“I really appreciate your efforts which go way beyond what we expect of you. It brings me such joy and pride to see that your enthusiasm and interest goes way beyond our original brief and discussions.”

– Anthula Markowitz, Match Foundation.



“I got 95% for Economics!! Thank you.”

– Learner now enrolled for undergraduate degree.



“Thank you for the informative and comprehensive communication. It certainly has been an adventure through which the human spirit has thrived. Many thanks once again for your wonderful efforts.”

– Father of a learner with full-house distinctions during Covid-19.



“Thank you, Tanya and team, for all the support you are giving our kids.”

– Mother of an elite athlete from abroad, enrolled at IGCSE level.



“The results just came through and I got 80% (A). Thank you. I wasn’t sure how I’d do so I’m really glad I got an A.”

– Student completing AS & A Levels.



“Die seuns geniet die klasse ook. Ek hoor hoe J. so lekker luidrugtig gesels en na klas kan T, amper ‘n uur gesprek met my voer oor die inhoud van die klas.”

– Mother of two brothers enrolled for IGCSEs.



“I got an A. I’m so happy. Our work paid off”

– Learner applying to play 7’s rugby at McGill.



“Thank you, Charl. That was a really fun class and I enjoyed it.”

– Pre-IGCSE learner.



“We as parents are super excited and our daughters are really enjoying the home-schooling.”

– Parent of two pre-IGCSE sisters.



“Oh, ok, yes, I see that!”

– AS Level learner during a support session.



“This is really amazing, thank you. This is called working together. He is a fighter and people like you are really a good support to this team. We will all win in the end.”

– Mother of a top-ranked elite athlete.



“I would truly like to thank you for your fantastic support during her home-schooling process.”

– Mother of learner temporarily homeschooled during Covid-19 lockdown.



“My congrats to teachers and pupils for a great achievement.”

– Sponsoring Foundation Trustee.



“Hey Tanya. I finished 5 of these exercises. Those exercises are out of 10 and I’m getting a minimum 7 correct out of 10 in many. And I can clearly spot my mistakes ;-)”

– Learner preparing for exams.



“We are very happy with her adaptation to this new life. Very aware that her Afrikaans is poor and applaud your patience and innovation.”

– Father of learner doing mix of IGCSE and AS.



“Thank you Tanya, they were super excited after their lesson and are eager to enroll with you guys.”

– Teacher and mother to two children starting Pre-IGCSE.



“What you have achieved with the students collectively and individually is nothing short of amazing!”

– Elite athlete sponsor.



“Thank you so much for this positive report. This is encouraging and we are really proud and encouraged to continue on this note. You and Charl have been great teachers and tutors and he has really developed academically.”

– Mother of a pre-IGCSE learner.



“I really hope I’ll get into a good school in the US. Maybe I set the bar high by wanting to go to MIT – but it’s always worth trying.”

– Learner enrolled for Additional Math, Physics and Computer Sciences.