Our Story

Situated on the “golden mile of education” in Rondebosch, Cape Town, in close proximity to the University of Cape Town and several of the country’s top public and private schools, The Chapel Lane Academy team draws on a strong pool of exceptional and dedicated teachers.


Our Academy was started by Dr Tanya Goodman (PhD, Yale) and Dr Charl du Plessis (MBA, Yale; PhD, UVA). Having taught at different levels globally since 2003, including at the Yale Law School, the Yale School of Management, the University of Virginia, as well as at the Universities of Pretoria and the Western Cape, we turned our attention to needs within the South African schooling system as our own children entered and progressed through school.


Known as an academic family, friends and parents in our community approached us with growing frequency to assist with their children’s academic needs. Our daughter’s unhappy experience at an elite private high school drew us to full-time home-schooling and the Cambridge curriculum, with all that it offers. We progressively took on more families and learners with high expectations and unusual lifestyles (including elite athletes), continually refining our bespoke approach to teaching and the Cambridge curriculum.


Tanya personally teaches English and Literature, Geography and other Social Science courses such as Sociology, and Environmental Management. Charl teaches Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies and Afrikaans. In the Natural Sciences, including Computer Science and higher levels of Math, we draw on qualified tutors who work exclusively with us and are coached to work according to our highly personalised and supportive approach. We regularly sit in on the Zoom sessions to ensure a consistent experience across all of our classes.


Our son attends Rondebosch Boys High School and he is thriving in that environment. Being fully immersed in a school community keeps us in touch with many of the issues learners and parents face during this highly unusual time.