Our Philosophy

“In the best interest of the child”


Everything we do and every decision we make at The Chapel Lane Academy must meet this test. As parents ourselves, we understand how deeply vested you are in your child’s hopes, dreams and emotions. We take the trust you place in our Academy’s role in these outcomes very seriously and are committed to meeting your highest expectations with absolute integrity.


Our First Commitment

To teach towards excellence and to create the opportunity for every learner to get the reward for their effort. But beyond that, we aim to help your child build character and useful life skills, in the way we teach and in the way we help them develop a more informed world view.


We are acutely aware of the changing future of work and knowledge acquisition that today’s learners will face and how they are likely to experience both the fourth and fifth industrial revolutions. Hence, we prefer to educate each child with as broad a curriculum as possible, allowing them to learn how the world works as they search and prepare for their ideal place in it.


Our Second Commitment

To offer learners and their parents honest and easily accessible communication. There are no elevator music switchboards, no nifty technology interfaces that block you from speaking to us when and where needed. We are here when you need us.


Our Third Commitment

To treat our learners and their families with dignity and respect and set the same standard for our learners among themselves. Traditionally, there was a social compact between schools and parents, whereby we trusted one another to mutually teach children a congruent set of values. Social media has interrupted this compact and introduced incongruent values, often unchecked. We strive to restore this collaboration with our families in teaching our learners not only how to be good students, but also to be good human beings and good citizens.