The Covid-19 pandemic, with its lockdown and school closures, redefined the high school experience for good. It also showed how, while some learners need to run in a pack, others find their self-validation and interests better served working on their own and at their own pace. Our Academy offers the perfect environment for particular individuals who would gladly put their prior schooling experience behind them forever.


With the prominence of social media in teenagers’ lives, research shows the meteoric rise of social anxiety in this group. There are several related mental health issues, all of which contribute to many learners finding it  challenging to function in large groups and classes at school. Our online, small groups offer safe spaces for social and intellectual interaction.


Elon Musk was not the head boy at Pretoria Boys High School. Some kids just march to the beat of their own drum from early on and know how to pursue their own passions and plans. Such independent learners are often extremely bored and frustrated in typical school settings and function much better with freedom, time and encouragement.


There are children who have just never felt at home in school. Some of this may be as a result of social anxiety, while often it may be traced back to particular incidents or teachers, their parents’ mixed feelings about school, or the high mobility of the family. Many of these learners feel more comfortable working from a familiar home environment.


Bullying used to be understood as being mostly physical: the big kid beating up on the smaller. With social connectivity in a digital era, though, the ability to gang up emotionally on an individual would have surprised even William Golding, author of Lord of the Flies. For those who have suffered, we offer a chance to put that experience behind them.