Learners enrol for the IGCSE (International Graduate Certificate of Secondary Education) between ages 13-16.


Students typically start with five IGCSE subjects, although we advise a lighter initial load when new learning methods and study skills need to be mastered. Courses run over either two or three semesters, allowing learners to take on additional IGCSEs by their second year and later moving onto AS & A levels with a broad base from which to choose.


Our recommended pathway is to begin the first year of IGCSE studies with Mathematics, English, and a selection from Natural Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, or Biology) and Social Sciences (Economics, Geography, History and Business Studies are the most popular).


Where a learner is certain about pursuing a career in the Natural Sciences, they steer towards Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Sciences.


By the second year, we encourage all learners to broaden their base with further IGCSEs in Languages and Social Sciences. As a private Academy, we cannot offer subjects such as Art or Music that include a practical component.


By the start or middle of year three, our IGCSE leaners are ready to move onto the AS level.


Download our IGCSE/AS/A Level Subject Selection here.