High Achievers

There is a certain charm to traditional South African school life. The uniforms, the bells, the decorum, the hierarchy, and the legacy that create a sense of order and place. But, a lot of time is spent on non-learning activities.


We welcome high achievers who are still enrolled at such brick-and-mortar schools who wish to take on additional subjects, or seek a higher level of coursework through the Cambridge curriculum.


We also host home-schooled high achievers with clear goals who see no further value in continuing within the traditional schooling environment. They have chosen to complete their full academic program at our Academy and to strive towards their goals for any combination of factors:


Schools with large class sizes have little choice but to teach to the middle. Some may stream high achievers, yet the overall culture is typically not fully geared towards the needs of academic stars. We teach towards excellence. Each learner is free to choose his or her level of aspiration, but if they do set the bar high and follow our method, they will meet their goals.

Own Pace

Cambridge International publishes a recommended number of contact hours for each subject. However, given that we teach our learners good study methods and habits, the pace can be set faster by learners who are driven and talented. We offer short, intensive courses when learners request, and several subjects have groups working towards earlier exam series.


Celebrated novelist Kurt Vonnegut said that the only interesting people were those who, at age 40, were still working out what to do with their lives! There are also those who have discovered their passion early in life and do not want to waste time on subjects that have no relevance. For them, we structure targeted curriculum plans that fit their passion.


Superior achievement needs to be translated into the next step for ambitions to be met. Once good grades have been achieved, this next step involves university applications with the requisite admissions essays, standardised test preparation and scholarship applications. Our high achievers lean on us to navigate this process with success.