Some people cannot wait to spread their wings and explore the world in search of new adventures and exciting opportunities. Our Academy is ideally suited for the type of learners who set their sights beyond the horizon, for a variety of reasons:


Our local universities have multiple pockets of excellence; however, the opportunity to study at some of the world’s best-known universities is more achievable than what most South Africans understand. Given our Academy’s focus on excellence, many of our learners structure their programs towards gaining admission and scholarships at some of the most prestigious institutions abroad.


South Africa is considered a premier lifestyle destination, and large numbers of expatriate families find it exciting to work in South Africa for a few years to enable their children to experience the diversity and challenges of our young democracy. To ensure that their children’s education transfers seamlessly across borders, expat families often opt for the international Cambridge curriculum.


There are many ways to live in the world, and some families are embracing a nomadic and flexible lifestyle. Working on remote film sets, on tropical islands or deep in the African bush, or traveling across the continent, there is a certain freedom to be gained when your children need not attend a brick-and-mortar school at set hours. These independent children join our classes from all over the world.


Remember Johnny Clegg’s song: “We are the scatterlings of Africa”? Thanks to our rich and complex history, many South Africans have family overseas, and there has been a steady uptick in the number of people emigrating. When these families start planning such a major move, they often sign their children on to our international curriculum to facilitate the transition to the new country of choice.