Examination Entry

Examinations are taken at any one of various official Cambridge Examination Centres across South Africa, which is part of Zone 3. In most courses, exams may be taken in either May/June or Oct/Nov as and when the learner feels adequately prepared.


Exam fees are for our learner families’ own account and payable directly to the local exam centre selected. Fees vary between centres, as well as by the number of subjects examined and the number of papers written in each subject. 


Learners with special examination needs, such as extra time, the use of a reader or scribe, or supervised rest breaks, may apply for such exemptions, and your local exam centre will advise whether any additional charges will be levied.


We assist our learners’ families in finding the most suitable examination centre close to home and ensuring that you register for the correct course codes and paper codes. Our final few weeks of classes before exams are planned to optimise review and preparation according to each group’s upcoming exam timetable. Additional exam paper practice sessions are offered in the final month before exams and are billed at R500/hr.


Exams are graded in the UK according to strict Mark Schemes and results are available within six to eight weeks after final examination dates. Official certificates are issued, and hard copies dispatched for collection from your examination centre approximately two months later.