Elite Athletes & Artists

How many kids dream about playing at Wimbledon, Wembley or Augusta? What about performing at La Scala and the Bolshoi Theatre, or securing a spot at Juilliard?


Nobody starts training for the Olympics only once they have left school, so it requires an early leap of faith and enormous commitment to reach for a dream from a very early age. Parents understand the highly competitive nature of such an elite career and the odds against making it to the very top.


Our bespoke program allows elite athletes and performing artists the chance to exit routine schooling to pursue their dreams. Parallel to their daily training schedules, recitals, concert tours or tournament travel, we help them maintain steady progress towards graduating and gaining university admission and scholarships, hedging against the risk of pursuing an exceptional, yet singularly focused career path.


Elite athletes and performing artists share a lifestyle of non-stop hours of practice and travel. They need an online experience where, from any place in the world, they can switch their focus as needed. This approach was developed while serving as the academic partner at SA’s top tennis academy, where the country’s highest ranked national player and many top-seeded juniors are based.


The dream for some is to become the next Serena Williams, Chad le Clos or Lionel Messi. But sport also opens doors to exceptional higher learning scholarships abroad. Our knowledge of the requirements of the US NCAA, the gateway to elite sport scholarships, helps our champion athlete learners to follow curriculum plans that set them up to meet these exacting and complicated admission standards.


To get to the top requires routine and perseverance, yet there is nothing routine about the lives of learners who are pursuing elite careers. At a higher level of planning, they are constantly balancing their time in anticipation of the next tournament or recital. As schedules and locations change, these learners require one constant: when they sit down with their books, they need their tutors to be available to assist.


Musicians use the term “accelerando” to describe a speeding up of the tempo. In the same manner, each sport code has its own way of describing peak performance, and building towards it. As their academic guide, we offer elite athletes and performers the chance to crank it up with intensive course work during their rare, quieter periods and downgrade the intensity when needed.