AS & A Levels

A levels are awarded after completing several papers in a particular subject. The AS level is an intermediate step where a part (normally half) of the A level syllabus is studied and examined. Learners complete their A levels anywhere from age 17 upwards.


Once our learners start the AS & A level phase of their studies, they are developing a clearer idea of what their interests, strengths and future plans entail and they focus on the subjects that will support their goals.


The AS level generally requires at least two to three semesters. South African university exemption can be obtained with a sufficient combination of AS level subjects, so not all learners necessarily proceed to A levels.


Where learners want to complete A levels, we encourage quality and excellence over too large a quantity of subjects. These learners typically complete three or four A levels over the course of another two to three semesters while getting started on the university research, application and admission process.


These options are thoroughly discussed with each learner’s family.


Download our AS/A Level Subject Selection here.