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An International Curriculum + Personal Teaching + Best Use of Edutech 


At The Chapel Lane Academy, private Cambridge International ExaminationsTM (CIE) Pre-IGCSETMIGCSETM, ASTM and A-LevelTM candidates aged 11-19 enrol either for their full online home-schooling experience or for private subject tutoring of the highest standard.


We believe that education is as much about content as about character and curiosity. Our learners thrive in a stress-free learning culture where they are encouraged daily to grow into self-directed and self-actualising individuals with a clear sense of purpose and principle in the world.


Run by Yale-educated PhDs with a passion for teaching and a lifetime of experiences on different continents to share, we offer your child a personally tailored, yet very affordable, opportunity to excel in the Cambridge International curriculum. Our program is calibrated to ensure that each child receives our personal attention.


Think of our Academy as a caring and daring place where your child is encouraged to raise a hand or voice an opinion at any time and to explore their full academic potential.

We Teach Towards


Your child will be able to face the future as a confident, ambitious individual with the agility to be an adaptive and mindful opportunity-seeker. We nurture an awareness of the big picture, guiding learners to be problem solvers and integrative thinkers ready for a dynamic future.

A Global

The popular British curriculum is recognised globally as demanding exceptionally high standards. By signing up for this program, you can trust that your child will remain on par with international learners, and that the subject matter will nurture their global perspectives.


We enthusiastically support our learners in achieving their goals  through live sessions, guided self-study, weekly assignments, regular assessment reviews and intensive exam method practice. Our approach consistently yields high grades for disciplined learners.


 Our team is intimately familiar with the process of gaining scholarships and admission to elite programs locally and abroad. We work with each family to develop a personalised curriculum plan, with clear timelines that are aligned with your child’s pursuit of their hopes and  dreams.

Cambridge online courses South Africa

Chapel Lane Academy offers Cambridge online homeschooling, an online school program based in South Africa. Cambridge IGCSE, AS and A Level

Our learners aim high